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The booking system removed 90% of my admin tasks. I no longer have to chase for bookings. The system does it all for you.

Walsall Image
Simulation Co-ordinator, Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

Automate away your event headaches

Discover a system designed to reduce the burden or running healthcare events.

Smart Certificates
Auto-send certificates based on attendance or survey completion.
Custom Branding
Add your logos and colours to event pages. Make your event stand out.
Feedback Collection
Automate feedback collection after events.
Automated Emails
Let automation handle the confirmations and reminders. Your learners stay informed without you lifting a finger.
Sophisticated Reporting
Get detailed reports on event data and feedback.
Attendee Tracking
Easily keep tabs on who's attending. Keep your learners in the loop, every step of the way.

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Loved by healthcare organisations.

Medtribe is designed with simplicity in mind, making it easy to love and use every day. We focus on what truly matters, providing all the essential features in an easy-to-use interface.

Medtribe has helped us an organisation greatly since moving over from Eventbrite.

Medtribe's automated survey collation and certificate process has been a huge benefit to us as it has automated some of our manual processes and saved us a lot of time.

Summer Longton

Lancashire and South Cumbria
Primary Care Training Hub

Allows segregation of event organisation and other admin so that it doesn't take over every working/waking moment.

Schedule emails/surveys to go when appropriate but written when it suits me.


Paediatrician and Treasurer
London School of Paediatrics

The transition felt seamless as the platform is very easy to use, and you can tell it's been developed with the exact needs of healthcare training in mind.

I love the level of flexibility and control that we get using Medtribe, every element of the event page can be perfectly personalised to the training in question.

Lauren Scott

Locality Programme Coordinator
North East and North Cumbria
Primary Care Training Hub

The thing I found the most useful was how I could tailor the booking form information to what I needed. This has helped with understanding who attended the event, for example, knowing the attendees' role and professional group.


Multi-professional Lead for Simulation
London Simulation Network - UCL Partners

Medtribe has become an invaluable resource for us at NHS England Southeast, enhancing efficiency and streamlining processes. I highly recommend experiencing a demonstration to understand the full capabilities and benefits of Medtribe.


Senior Workforce Specialist
Simulation and Patient Safety
South East, NHS England

The Medtribe team have done a wonderful job in building a platform for medical courses and conferences that just makes sense.

It's so useful to be able to have all of our course information in one place, and the team are really responsive when it comes to troubleshooting and suggesting new features.

Jaspal Gill

Cardiology Registrar
Kings College Hospital